Home Repair Tips?

How do you repair your air conditioner without shedding out hundreds of dollars for the repair and maintenance of simple AC issues? Well, even though there are complex air conditioning problems that need the attention of an expert, there are still many problems that you can be able to fix on your own. All you need to do is identify the AC issue and then proceed with the repair job accordingly.

Some of the most common problems with air conditioning systems are uneven cooling, significant temperature fluctuations, water leakage from the unit, the inability to turn on the air conditioning unit and a noisy air handler. All these can be fixed with a few simple steps that help you identify and fix the problem as well.
If your AC seems to be leaking and you notice water pooling next to the system, then you might want to check and see whether the plastic drains attached to the unit are leaking. If so, then simply replacing this tune will resolve the problem. In other cases, dirt or even ice might be blocking the tubes, and this calls for cleaning to get unit performing optimally.
If you are unable to turn on the AC, it’s best to take a look at the main and secondary electrical panels. Also, an AC unit should receive 240 Volts of power, and the inability to do so can be as a result of a broken fuse or a tripped breaker. This problem can be fixed by resetting the breaker or replacing the fuse. If this doesn’t fix the unit, then there might be an issue with the thermostat.

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Various factors can cause temperature fluctuations. Dust and debris accumulation in the compressor is one of the main culprits to this problem. As such, you need to clean the compressor with a cloth. Ideally, vacuum the insides of the compressor to get rid of dirt that is hard to reach with a cloth. If the temperature tends to drop too low, then checking the thermostat calibration and adjusting its setting might fix the problem.

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